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Our Newest Caps…

Mmm…New Caps!

Another offspring from one of our study trips – that box of caps has produced many a beautiful item. Oh gosh we wish you could’ve delved into that box 17th and 18th c headwear by HandBound Historical Costumes, historical headwear researched and replicated by HandBound period dressmaking, georgian caps, what's a lappet capwith us – each cap and coif were like a delicate snow drop from history – and looked so real and gentle! Of course, they were real but they had that soft touch of realness about them that we only wish we could bottle and add to all of our garments.

what the georgians wore, what are the different variations of caps in the 18thc , 1700s headwear and caps, georgian head dresses, what was fashionable in the early 18thcThis is just a quick post while we sorted out our images – but here is our Lace Edged Lappet Cap. The original was dated Late 17th c – Early 18th c and the lappets are lovely and long.

What’s also interesting is our growing understanding of what a Lappet Cap is compared to the Mob. Here 3 of our latest caps all have this same back crown cap detail with a drawstring base – very similar to the coifs a few decades before it. The head band and frill/lappet varies in style but is always added onto this back cap.

Some of the caps also still had their ribbons in them and just like the coifs, these were a bit of a mind spinner. Where did they tie them? The length of the ribbons that had survived were very long and we’ve been playing about with the possiblity that they tied the ribbons on top of the head to help hold the caps down. As seen in picture no.2!

Fascinating – we’d bet that this back cap section is what distinguishes them from a Pinner or a Mob – but we’ll say the old addage: more research needed!

We also have a short information video talking you through the cap if you’d like to see more….And the cap will be appearing soon in our Online Shop!

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