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Study Session no.7 – Berrington Hall

Another Wonderful Trip to Berrington Hall

We just wanted to put a quick post up of our most recent trip to Berrington Hall – our main objective was to take a pattern from a 1720s coat and I also wanted to have a look at an early 18th c Anglais.

All of the following photos are courtesy of Berrington Hall – and we’re most grateful!
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This dress is also a wonderful rarity – an unaltered gown! It’s in beautiful condition and the silk is lovely. It’s such a unique design – it’s a strong yellow with strong blue patterm which comes up in the weave, so it creates a green background with lovely splashes of colour. Sounds odd but it’s a lovely weave.


replica gowns made to measure, historical costumes and fancy dress for the bespoke, georgian themed weddings, mid 1700s costume research– The sleeves are very wide – possibly the only alteration as it seems they’ve been made less wide as the original seam is still on the inside and was cut on the straight but it’s been pinched in a little by all appearance. The sleeve then ends with a Separate Cuff with 3 pleats.
– It has Double Robings – both loose
– The robings get attached to the skirts of the gown so that the pleats of the robings kind of carries on into the skirts.
– It has an Anglais back – ie the pleats have been sewn down, and they are broad which matches the early style of Anglais
– The body of the dress is lined but the skirts aren’t.
– There are no trimmings or braid decorating the robings.
– And the dress comes with no matching petticoat or Stomacher to be able to see what it was worn with.


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The back view of the gown

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The lining and CB pleats stitching

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