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Teal 1770s Sack Back Gown

Another Dress Gone…:(

1770s Sack Back

These clients gowns do end up sitting in our lives for a while and therefore we grow quite fond of them. However, this is a goodbye to a beautiful (totally chosen by the client!) sack back replica sack backs, george david matthieu - teal S.friedericke of mecklenburg, the costume rooms in bude, gown, or Robe a la Francais, that went out in the post this morning.

The image she wanted to replicate was a painting by George David Matthieu and dated c.1774. It’s of Sophia Freidericke of Mecklenburg and I think she’s holding a precious mobile phone case in her hand – or lol, that’s what it looks like!

Key details of the gown are:

  • Gathered Tulle Cuffs and Furbelow Trim
  • Teal silk
  • Pink Striped Silk bows
  • Sack Back

We also went beyond what we could see and created a furbelow swathed petticoat – all in all, really very pretty!

And here’s a couple of images of our version of this painting.

mecklenburg copy gown - c.1774

This is the gown prior to putting the ribbon detail on.


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One of the bows being made…


sohpie friedericke of mecklenburg - matthieu 1774 replica gown, goergian dancing costumes, period accurate costume makers, georgian costume makers, The costume rooms in bude - georgian costume on site being made

Now with the bows attached


teal silk robe a la francais, teal silk gown, where can I see georgian costume making - the costume rooms bude, handbound costumes

And the final view

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