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The Months – by J.June – 1749

‘The Months’ Series

Engraved Series by J.June – 1749

Pusblished by Voisin, Middle Row, London

These were a collection of engraved images of ladies wearing the fashions for the year 1749. Please take note though, that these aren’t fashion plates where the view is instructing what is fashionable to a larger audience but rather a gimicky kind of collection. J.June was noted for his satirical prints and although these aren’t satirical in nature, they are not serious fashion prints either.

In the background are various city buildings – possibly a St Paul’s spire in their for example. Colour was added afterwards and therefore could vary depending on the print you bought. There are examples of the 70’s fashion plates where they exact same prints has been painted in completely different colours!

But they are a wonderful set of prints – very fashionable at the time and prints like these are full of interesting details about 18th c life that you can glean, not just from the images, but from the writing and the very fact that these kind of things were fashionable. An affordable way of having paintings on your wall!

Please enjoy!

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– She wears a wide hooped petticoat – I love seeing these in action!
-Her dress is of a strong red colour – although probably if these are prints then they could get coloured whatever colour. It’s interesting to note, however, that the winter months are all strong dark colours!
– Her cape is black with fur edging. it has a yellow ribbon tying it at the front.
– She wears a fur-lined muff in a dark red and fairly small in it’s appearance.
– She also wears the compulsory Undress fashion of a long white apron.
– Her Bergere is black – again interesting and good to have an actual image of this. Although, again to be fair, these type of prints could vary in colours. It still remains though that an 18th c person coloured the hat black. She wears is it with a matching yellow ribbon, the same as the cape.

We’d also love to know what ‘According to Act Nov 25 1749’ means. Atleast, we think that’s what it says.