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The Old Pretender – James III – Monaldi/Pubalacci – 1747

James III Congratulating his Son Henry Benedict, Rome by Monaldi/Pubalacci – 1747

JamesIII by Monaldi - 1747 - HandBound Costume Research (15)

One of the Close-up to be studied!

His title will vary depending if you are looking at it from a Scottish or English point of view so out of respect for the gallery in which we saw the painting (Scottish National Portrait Gallery) and who have it entitled as James III we have kept to their description – although we have noticed that their online catalogue now calls him ‘Prince James’. For some background information, Prince James is the one they called ‘the Old Pretender’, who claimed himself King and heir to the English Throne. His son is ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ and his other son is Henry Benedict, who is painted here. Both sons spent many years abroad – Charles in France and Henry in Spain. Here he has just been made Cardinal and the painting was commissioned to mark this occasion and the auspicious event of James’s visit to congratulate him.

Due to the amount of photos taken and the size of the files, this study has had to be split into 2. Please click on the links below:

James III and Henry Benedict Part One
James III and Henry Benedict Part Two