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A Regency Edition!

A new Cloth!

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We’ve just listed up this new fabric which is perfect, perfect, perfect for regency and Napoleonic costumes – it’s all pretty darn perfect for that soft Victorian Day dress.100% Cotton online fabric shop, printed cottons for sale, printed cottonl awns for sale,

Let’s face it: this cloth is perfect in so many ways!

It’s also ideal for modern cotton summer dresses, neck cloths for the 18thc, men’s neckerchiefs in fancy dress or for the Victorian rogue – and infact, whatever else you can turn your mind to. We’ve bought it in specifially for a Regency Day dress (watch this space!).

It’s 56″ Wide and made from 100% Pure Cotton in a nice, lightweight lawn. The pattern (as seen here) is lots of evenly spaced smaller dots in reed with a more infrequent Wheel-like embroidered motif. This motif is a bit like a Broderie Anglais Motif. The red is a basic red but is softened a little by the white background – coming across a little more like a dullish/Tomato red.

It’s £7.50 a Mtr and we have about 10 mts in stock.

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