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Our Good Medium Linen in Action!

A Bit More on Our 100% Linen – Medium Weight…

We have realised that if you’re trying to make a decision about fabrics it makes it much easier if you can have a better u17th century caps and coifs, original techniques for 17th c coifsnderstanding of the cloth you are trying to consider. This is just a quick post to link the two uses of our 100%, Good, Medium Weight Linen.

Our Gentle Eared Coif…

First off we have the Gentle Eared Coif (Click link for product) – and here we hope you can see how subtle and dense the weave is. It is a firmer cloth to be sure and though still soft it definitely historical headwear and caps by HandBound costume, period seamstresses, historical dressmakers, museum based garmentshas a rigidity to it. This however isn’t in the same way that cheaper linens can be rigid. It’s with a firm soft rigidity if that makes sense so though it’s springy it’s not harsh.

This coif has been made with 3 layers of the linen to allow a smooth top layered finish but the linen does match this tight weave look – one of it’s bonuses is that it’s not very see-through.

Ok, well the other item we’ve made out of our 100% Linen Medium weight is our Basic Shift (Click link for product).

This shift wasn’t based particularly on any study session but a result of needing a basic shift that met the needs of a ruffle at the sleeve and a ruffle at the neck. This designed ticked all the boxes and though we couldn’t find any existing 18th c shifts in the museums that matched it in look there was hints of it in paintings where we could piece it together from.

Our Basic Shift…

basic shift for 18th c reenactment, living history under garments or underwear, what the georgians wore

Here you can see it and get a good idea of how the fabric works. We didn’t think it was too heavy for a shift – doubtless there are many finer but the quality of your linen was a sign of your wealth – not necessarily for others to make a decision of you upon but more for the fact that if you could afford it then you would always go for a better quality of linen. We wanted our Basic Shift to be able to be used for working class girls to wealthy ladies of the manor and therefore use a linen that reflected the fine quality of weave but was also firmer for the harder look. We hope this linen achieves both!

We hope this helps your decision and thanks for looking.




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