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Ancient Mariners Outfit

The Rhyme Of the Ancient Mariner

The briefing was to create an Ancient Mariner’s Costume from an amazing selection of images that the client had dug out. To be honest, it made us want to research deeper into this type of working mariners costume as our research hasn’t yet taken us up this far into the century.

In research for this project we visited the National Maritime Museum and were able to get a study session looking at some of the uniforms they have in their stores. Really fascinating!

Anyway, the remit was a very basic outfit, and one that can get scuffed up and made to look older.

The items included:
– 1 x shirt (based on one from the Manchester Costume Galleries)
– 1 x pair of slops
– 1 x Basic mariners coat with split cuffs
– 1 x neck cloth

Here’s a link to our facebook page on this: The Facebook Link!

Here are some of the images 🙂

slops and when they came into wear, naval costume, ancient mariner by HandBoundwhat jack tars wore - georgian england, seamans costumes

replica costumes made from the georgian period, 18th c costumei research company - HandBound, naval uniforms of the georgian period

working class costume

naval costume by HandBound

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