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Machine Made Pocket Hoops!

Machine Made Pocket Hoops!


1700s undewear - the pkt hoop, stays and underwear seamstress - HandBound, dress like a georgian day, linen hoops

We’ve had these for a while listed up under the Hand Sewn Pocket Hoops but now they have a room of their own – no more twin sharing! What held us18th c costumier specialising in Georgian underwear, period costumer dressmaker, where can I get a proper 18th c underwear set made, 18th c hooped petticoats for sale - all varieties back before was we only had images of the Hand sewn option and down that road lay mass confusion if we’d’ve listed them up with the same images, so we waited. And now they are here!

Priced a little more reasonably than the hand sewn pair, these pocket hoops look the same and do the same – and who can tell under layers of skirts at any rate!

Take a look at the listing if you like and thanks for looking. xxx

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