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Your Feedback Needed:18th century dressmaking tehcniques classes and lessons

Having taken a sabatical now for over 3 years, and having spent much of that time in and out of museums and recreating original garments to understand their construction, we are nearly ready to come back to the world of costume making.

However, we are still very knee deep in a research project at the moment, but have had many requests for classes and lessons, sooo, we have been thinking about putting the following courses together and would love to know your thoughts:

The idea is teaching you how to trim up your gown, so the courses would look at the ruffles, the stomacher, the petticoat and a general lesson in the making of the furbelows.

Possible Upcoming Courses:

  • A days Course on Creating 4 Types of Furbelow Trim and looking at the various ways it was used.
  • A days course on Decorating a Petticoat
  • A days course on Ruffles, on how to trim them and how to attach them


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