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Upcoming Living History Festival!!!

The International Living History Fest!

8th – 9th April 2017

ilhf reenactment and living history festival 2017, a list of reenactment trade fayres and events, multi-period reenactment events, History days out for the family, educational days out for the familyOk, so what’s this event about?
It is a 2 day, weekend event of pure history. Reenactment groups from all over the country will be making International Living History Festival 2016, HandBound at Reenactment markets, historical costumestheir way to Cressing Temple for this gathering – bringing their costumes, their battles, their stories all for the public to watch and prod. There is something fascinating about seeing history re-lived – I think it’s called ‘experimental archaeology’ and it can be touched, probed and asked question over. Visitors will be able to walk around the site and see dwellings from early dark ages time, to the quirky and characterful ‘Dad’s Army’ troupe that march around the site.

Last year was superb and the site where this event is held so incredible that it’s worth a dayReenactment mkt - 18th c costume out just to see it in itself. We have a stall in one of the barns and they are massive! Like one visitor pointed out, that the if the beams were originals their size and height are so big that they must’ve been growing for centuries – possibly being a sprouting acorn near the time of the Norman Conquest. That is just incredible!

Our Stall:

We will be coming heavy laden with our mannequins dressed in garments from the 1740s, 1760s, 1770s and 1800s. We will have our timeline of Stays displayed out for all to see, our Georgian accessories to be manhandled and our shifts and shirts too.

We will also be coming with our Fabric and Haberdashery travelling department, which includes – our growing linen range, bolts of various Cottons, wools, silks, our ever-flourishing trim collection, replica buttons and remnant baskets.


It is a ticketed event – but up until the 12th of Feb you can get a discount with an adults ticket only being £5! Please click on the link here: Pike and Shot Tickets!

You can also go to their website: Living History Festival Website

and their facebook page : Facebook Link!

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