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This is a bit of a scrap book of some of the images, issues and interesting info (all the i’s) we’ve found as we’ve studied eighteenth century costume.

To access and read the following posts please click on the ‘costume research’ link or ‘news’ link on each post. For some reason not all the posts instantly take you to them an you often have to click this extra bit – we’re trying to get this sorted!!!



One for the Photo Album!

Shaping the Body York Castle Museum   A few months ago we got an opportunity to work on a couple of hoops for the York Castle Museum. They were looking into opening an exhibition based on the various historical methods of manipulating the body into the fashionable […]

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Our New Fabric!

Well actually we have two but we’ve only gotten round to listing the one yet…. But here it is: Maroon Embroidered Taffeta! 100% Polyester or Faux Silk It’s the fabric we made our first sack back out of so we can happily tell you that it’s great […]

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After the International Living History Festival…

The I.L.H.F Market At Cressing Temple – Braintree It has been a wonderful weekend. The market was fab and fun, and with lots and lots of great conversations about costumes…mmmm…costumes. Thanks to everyone who came over for a chat and we’re going to include a few dodgy […]

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I.L.H.F This Weekend!

International Living History Festival 2nd-3rd April   We are so looking forward to packing up the car this weekend and heading off to Braintree in Essex. We have a beautiful slot in one of the barns and are eager to unpack our wares and get it set […]

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Our Coutil Collection!

Our 100% Cotton Coutil We’re trying to push the website’s fabric range – increase our online sales from the website and to do that we’re going to be doing a few posts based on showing what kind of fabrics we have in our range. The Coutil cottons […]

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More 18th c Costumes from Bath….

Georgian Costume Display Bath Fashion Museum There is just one little dress in this post. One dress that kind of sticks like a thorn in our understanding of these early years during the 1700s. The Cunningtons (’64) in their book ‘Handbook of English Costume in the 18th […]

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Art du Tailleur (Ed.1769)

The Humbly Attempted Translation of the Art du Tailleur (Ed.1769) by Francois-Alexandre-Pierre de Garsault First off we’d like to say that we don’t speak french. This is a terrible faux-pas and something we need to take a bit more seriously as our research continuously leads us into […]

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Bath Fashion Museum Exhibition Feb 2016

Bath Fashion Museum Georgian Section of Exhibition – Feb ’16 We just wanted  to start listing up some of the gowns we felt interesting in their museum exhibition. We took a quick nip down after one of our study sessions and thought we’d put up some of […]

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Bridgewater NLHF Market this weekend!

A Quick Reminder!!!! We just thought we’d put a quick post up to remind everyone that we are going to be at the National Living History Fayre SOUTH WEST near Bridgewater this weekend. Us, our costume range and our fabrics and extra bits, will all be travelling […]

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New in – Stripey 100% Cotton Fabric!

100% Cotton Light Canvas Red Stripes! We have listed a new fabric! This is a 100% Cotton fabric (click link here for product page!) that is like a slubby, lightweight canvas with slightly-darker-than-normal red stripes on a natural-looking, cream background. Its priced at £8 a mtr (hmmm…very reasonable […]

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