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This is a bit of a scrap book of some of the images, issues and interesting info (all the i’s) we’ve found as we’ve studied eighteenth century costume.

To access and read the following posts please click on the ‘costume research’ link or ‘news’ link on each post. For some reason not all the posts instantly take you to them an you often have to click this extra bit – we’re trying to get this sorted!!!



Woolen Under Breeches – early 19thc

Thomas Coutt’s Drawers! c.1810-20 This is only a quick post – while I eat my soup in a pause from trying to plot out onto draft paper the pattern I took from the Study Session – and it’s a pattern we took while we were at the […]

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May – The Months – J.June 1749

May! The Months – J.June – 1749 Take a quick look at our May lady here and then we’ll discuss her dress: Details: – Well, to start off with she is wearing a Short Sack with matching petticoat – in quite a similar colour to a short […]

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New Arrival! The c.1750’s Man’s Shirt

Our New Edition! We have to confess this is our new passion! O.M.G.O.S.H, we absolutely LOVE 18th c men’s shirts. They are gorgeous and so beautifully made – and just you wait til we get to the 1800’s shirts as the same logic explodes with a burst […]

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April – ‘The Months’ – J.June – 1749

‘April’ – The Months By J.June – 1749 Details: – Ah we love our job! This lady is wearing a (probably) Robe a l’Anglais with single robings. We are only assume it’s an Anglais from the fact that it’s a day dress – there is no other […]

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March – ‘Months’ by J.June – 1749

March ‘The Months’ by J.June 1749 Details: – Our rather windswept lady here wears a Red or Orange gown with matching petticoat. You can just about see the gown’s skirts end and curl back in the wind and the matching petticoat resume beneath it. – Interestingly you […]

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February – ‘Months’ by J.June – 1749

February! ‘The Months’ by J.June 1749 Details: -We’ll start off with her cape – it’s an interesting one this. It’s obviously ermine fur lined and black on the outside. But it’s the frilled collar style thing at the base of her hood which is the intriguing bit. […]

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January – ‘Months’ by J.June – 1749

January! 1749  ‘Months’ by J.June and Published by Voisin     Details include: – She wears a wide hooped petticoat – I love seeing these in action! -Her dress is of a strong red colour – although probably if these are prints then they could get coloured […]

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Mdm Maisonnet by Liotard – 1755

Portrait Studies: Mdm Maisonnet by Liotard – 1755 We always meant to put up some of the images that just capture the attention when we do our research; really study into them and list what’s seen. This particular artist is always cropping up and Jean-Ettiene Liotard had […]

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NLHF – Onley Ground

National Living History Fayre! Onley Ground Just to say that we are going to be a-peddling our period Costumes at Onley Ground for next weekend! We’ll be the stall with a little mini-camping gas fire going (it gets cold just standing about chatting alright!) and I’ll be […]

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Hereford Resource Centre

Study Session At the Hereford Resource Centre (All Images courtesy of the Hereford Museum Resource and Collections Centre) Just a quick post… What an amazing place! We STRONGLY advise anyone wishing to study costumes to get themselves down there – it’s a perfect blend of amazing staff […]

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